Angie’s “In The Zone” Playlist!

Cassete tape labeled "Angie's 'In the zone' Playlist" with earbuds on either side and a yellow background

Angie’s “In The Zone” Playlist!

As a new employee of Advokate, we asked Angie to share her playlist that she uses when she works!

Here are Kate’s, Cory’s and Caitlin’s playlists.

Angie says:

I love music, and it helps me get in the zone to do art. Depending on what I listen to, I feel like I get different outcomes. Music is a great tool to get yourself out of a creative rut, to try something new, or just to feel differently, usually better!

I hope you like my playlist, and maybe listen to some new artists if you don’t know them! I think this music will make you as happy as I feel when I hear it!

1.  Canyon Moon- Harry Styles

This song has harmonies that just make me so happy. I love this whole album but this song is my favorite.


2. Not Alone – Patty Griffin

My favorite small light song, I feel like a fairy whenever I listen to it.


3. Big Yellow Taxi – Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell is one of the most amazing artists and singers I’ve ever heard, and this song is fun as anything.


4.  Happy Together – The Turtles

I can’t help but feel happy when I hear this song, it’s my boyfriend, Brian, and my song together. Whenever we hear it we jump around.


5. Pinball Wizard – Elton John

THIS SONG IS EVERYTHING, every part of it is good.


6. H.S.K.T. – Sylvan Esso

I like to feel good and fun when I work and this song gets me in a good mood.


7. Lonely Day – System of a Down

A little bit of SOAD in my life can never hurt.


8. I Don’t Mind – Joseph

This is my favorite song to sing along to, sister harmonies are everything.


9.  Cherry Wine – Hozier

I have a mix of fun upbeat songs and sad romantic songs, and I don’t listen to anything else.


10. A Case Of  You – Joni Mitchell

Another Joni classic.


11. Scenes from an Italian Restaurant- Billy Joel

Fun Fact: My dad went to high school with Billy Joel! Whenever I listen to him, I think of my dad.


12. All The Rowboats – Regina Spektor

This song gets me in an experimental art mindset, if I want to go out of my comfort zone, I usually listen to this.


13. When – Dodie

This is the most beautiful song I know.


14. Poison & Wine – The Civil Wars

I listen to this song more than I’d like to admit.


15. Chic ‘N’ Stu- System of a Down

This song is so weird and also the most epic song I know. I do a lot of my best art listening to weird music.


16. (If You Want It)- Relient K

This song has been on my playlist forever, Relient K is an awesome band. Also if you get a chance watch their cover of “The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything” from Veggietales, it’s the best.

Caitlin Stedman

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