Marketing, Photography & PR

So YOU know you’re all that, but how do you tell everyone else, so they know, too?

We offer one-on-one marketing consultation, as well as social media strategies, marketing plans, photography, PR services, and we will even work side-by-side on the computer with you. Every business is different and there’s no one-size-fits-all to marketing.

One of our innovative signature products is the Amity Meeting, named for one of our top clients. This is an hour for you to use any way you like — pick our brain, work together on a creative project, tap into our network, strategize, or learn something new. Come with your questions and agenda, or let the meeting take us where it will.

Our newest product is the Shareable Cinema Package. This innovative iPhone-filmed-and-edited videography includes GIFs, Shorts and Bermuda Shorts (longer videos) that will put your brand on the cutting edge of social media.

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Bottom line? Advokate is here for you. Let’s get together and draw up a road map to get you where you deserve to be.

Kate is available for hire as a guest speaker, and group classes are available. Like Advokate on Facebook to see live broadcasts of marketing tips on a regular basis, and subscribe to our free newsletter to learn more.

She is exceptional at all that she does for O’Brien. I trust her judgement implicitly.
— John O'Brien, O'Brien Insurance
What would take me days, Kate does in an hour!
— Kathy Porcell, Elevation Pilates