Online Hygiene Initiative!

Online Hygiene Initiative!

Are you just starting out in business? Has your company been established for years and needs to be brought into the digital world? We’re here to help you get your online presence in order.

By being among the first to join our Online Hygiene Initiative. you are entitled to a one-hour private session at a discounted rate of $75 (normally $150) to fill out some of your online profiles.

There are only eight slots of time available at the discounted rate, so act fast! Click here to set up your session.

Your due diligence with your online profiles will make your city look more alive to tourists, and it will help folks to find your business. Our ulterior motive is to make Glens Falls pop, showing all online maps what a super vibrant city we live in!

In our private session, we will get the bare bones set up so that your name, location, hours, website, and logo are filled out correctly on a few of the most important internet platforms, as well as divulging some handy tips and tricks to optimize your digital presence!

This is what Advokate calls your “Online Hygiene,” the tooth- flossing of running a business. (Thanks to Rich Cirino for coining the phrase!) It’ll be up to you to follow up and flesh it out with additional photos, updates, reviews, and other information on your own, or in a follow-up session with us.

We will fill out information on the following websites, as applicable and as time allows, starting at the top of this list:

  1. Google My Business
  2. Facebook
  3. Instagram

We will go over the differences between each platform and walk you through how to make updates in-house if you wish.

Please bring the following information and/or files:

  1. Your logo (email to or bring a flash drive)
  2. Your website
  3. Your professional email address
  4. Your business’ phone number
  5. Your hours (if applicable)
  6. Your location (if applicable)
  7. Three to five of your best photos (email or bring a drive)
  8. A paragraph or two of “About Us” text (email or bring a drive)
  9. A few hashtag ideas (we will brainstorm some together)

You’ll be meeting with: 

Caitlin Stedman: Advokate’s first official employee, writer, filmmaker, dog mom, Instagram addict.

Her favorite part about working with Advokate is helping people realize their dreams and full potential. She loves the behind-the-scenes of transforming ideas into reality. Caitlin is known for generating an online buzz and dedicated following around her various film projects. She is also an award-winning screenwriter who helmed a Saratoga based film festival in 2016 that brought filmmakers together from across the country.

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Caitlin Stedman

In addition to being Advokate's Marketing & Communication Director, I own the film production company Snarky Aardvark Films, LLC, in Queensbury where I live with my dog, Vinny. Helping people succeed in a way that aligns with their values is my passion. I enjoy planning and executing anything clients may need to thrive. My work experience is varied but it all centers around community interaction and project management. I especially love Instagram!