Meet Our Client: The Glens Falls Collaborative!

Meet Our Client: The Glens Falls Collaborative!

With Hometown Holidays this weekend, we wanted to highlight the ones who make it all happen, our client The Glens Falls Collaborative! We chatted with Arts & Entertainment board member (and LARAC director) Candice Frye to learn more about what The Collaborative does for the community of Glens Falls all year round. But first, let’s dive into how and why The Collaborative started.

The Glens Falls Collaborative was created in 2012 by a group of dedicated merchants who wanted to cross-promote and increase business flowing to Downtown Glens Falls. The Collaborative has expanded to put on major Downtown events, create an incredible map with a large distribution, beautiful joint advertising, monthly mixers, and now includes restaurants, arts and nonprofit organizations, health-related businesses, media arts firms, many different service providers and other area businesses. Click here to view the current Members Map. 

They work with businesses and community members to promote Glens Falls and collaborative opportunities to make Glens Falls accessible and fun to visit!

Advokate proudly maintains its website, runs its social media, creates promotional materials and toots the horn for Glens Falls!


Candice’s favorite aspects of being involved with the Collaborative as a board member is the positive impact we are able to have by all working together. Seeing thousands of people at an event enjoying the City we love makes her so happy to be involved! She says that at the very least, being a member of the Collaborative is a good business move because the website directory and map allow for people to recognize your place of business as being located in Glens Falls.


As a Board Member, she is able to represent LARAC in a bigger way by making sure artists, musicians, and other arts organizations are represented within the group. The Collaborative opens doors for her to have connections with business people in other sectors and it brings everyone together. She loves being an active member of a group that is consistently working towards the common goal of bettering the City we live, work, and play in!

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