Meet Our Client: KindNest!

Meet Our Client: KindNest!

KindNest is more than just a business, they are a movement! Founder Sarah Denio and her skilled team believe in the power of connection to self and community. They provide a full-service hub of empowering resources for pregnancy, fertility, healing, parenting, and wellness.

Advokate is proud to have worked with Sarah on naming and branding KindNest and coming up with their initial marketing plan. It was so exciting to be there for the birth of this business! It’s truly our favorite thing to midwife startups. Just like in pregnancy and birth, the business was her baby, and it was all Sarah’s power and passion that helped it come into being  — but we were glad to be there for her along the way to offer expertise and support.

We were so excited to ask Sarah some questions about KindNest now that they have been open for a while now and to share with you this wonderful resource for our community!


Advokate: Hi Sarah, could you please tell us the origin story of KindNest?

 Sarah: Of course. KindNest is a product of my own fertility, pregnancy and parenting journey. It’s the result of experience, scientific research and clear intention to bring together the most impactful expertise available.

Even for those for whom getting pregnant has been easy, a community of supportive people and resources tailored to this phase of life can be hard to come by. But what’s often silently going on behind the scenes is that many women and men (myself included), struggle on so many levels when attempts to conceive and carry to term are not immediately successful. Whether it has been a few months or a few years, when you want to have a baby and it’s not happening as quickly as you’d envisioned, you can start to feel a little crazy! Add to it a loss or two and the combination of grief, fear and desire can become completely overwhelming.

That’s why KindNest is a full-service hub of healing and wellness resources with a specialty in fertility, pregnancy and the parenting years. We’ve centralized the best resources into one location, to take the guesswork out of trying to locate them during what’s already a busy time of life.

I’ve become very open about my personal journey because I’ve seen firsthand how it resonates with others. I think it probably helps that it has a happy ending! My Story, KindNest’s Story, is available on my profile page of KindNest’s website at

Advokate: Wonderful! It’s so powerful that you share your personal story. I’m curious, what have you learned from your time in business?

Sarah: Most importantly:  When shown how, people can heal themselves, and live the life they’ve always desired, much more easily than they’ve ever been led to think. It’s tremendously rewarding to witness this time and time again! 

As it relates to business itself:  There are lots of things you need to do once in order to get a business off the ground. And it truly does take a village. Build a go-to network of expertise in different arenas, individuals and organizations who truly believe in your mission with all their hearts, and who can pitch in in ways you wouldn’t even know to ask! Seek ways to be that person for others, and the flow of knowledge, creativity, and good-will will never be in short supply. 

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Advokate: That is fantastic advice! What is your favorite part of owning a business?

Sarah: In the bigger picture, I’m so grateful for this opportunity to bring to the forefront in our area advances in science that not long ago were written off as “woo-woo” (mind-body connection). Understanding how to work with the fact we are more than our physical bodies, that our minds literally create our physiology, and how to use this knowledge to our advantage is really exciting to me. (Did you know that we can alter gene expression by consciously using our breath, for example?)

On an individual level, it’s seeing people get what they really want (and transforming their lives for the long-term along the way)! It probably sounds cheesy but it’s true. Everything we do here is about empowering people, whether in the form of connection to information, to themselves, or to kindred souls. Having tools, resources, and a community of support is so powerful.

Advokate: Tell us about the scope of services you offer.

Sarah: Each class, workshop, and service at KindNest has been strategically chosen for its impact on healing, fertility, wellness and/or pregnancy. We’ve narrowed down the overwhelming number of options on the market, so clients don’t have to!

Educational and experiential workshops, birth and parenting classes, coaching and reiki, yoga and meditation… Everything that’s here has been selected to make it easy for clients to empower themselves to achieve what their heart desires. Whether that’s a healthy full-term pregnancy, understanding how energy works, healing grief, physical or early-life trauma, raising mindful children, or simply more balance in life, there’s something for everyone here at KindNest. 

For testimonials click here: Testimonials.

Advokate: Thank you so much for sharing your story and KindNest’s story. Is there anything else we should know?

Sarah: Two things:  First, we have an Open House Birthday Celebration coming up on Sunday, March 15 from 11 AM-12 PM. Stop on by! You’ll likely find we’re closer than you would have guessed when you plug our address into your phone. P.S. There will be cake from Leah’s Cakery! Second, complimentary consultations are available. Though we’ve whittled down the options, even what’s here can still be a lot to sift through! You can schedule a 30-minute phone consultation to learn about the offerings best suited to YOU, knowing we’ll spend a little time getting to know one another and you will come away with recommendations for next steps based upon your unique situation and desires.

KindNest is located at:
1 Rosell Drive, Ballston Lake, NY
(518) 406-3323

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