Awesome arts & director jobs available

It feels like I’m inside a game of Boggle this month, with a weirdly high number of my friends and colleagues shifting from one position to the next, as if someone turned Glens Falls upside-down and shook us.

I find myself thinking hard about who might fit where, figuring that I know so many awesome people that it’s only a matter of rotating the puzzle pieces until everything matches up and is exactly as it should be.

Of course, life isn’t so simple, but I thought I’d make a list of the available positions that I know about, just in case I do, in fact, have the miraculous ability to solve all of life’s puzzles with the wonderful people within my network.

And if not, hey, there’s always the Chamber’s new JobZone.

Kate Austin-Avon

Kate Austin-Avon is the owner and founder of Advokate, LLC. She lives in Glens Falls, New York, with her husband Cory (Vice President of Advokate!) and their three children.