Why Blogging is Important

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Why Blogging is Important

Hear ye, hear ye! The days of newsboys peddling morning and evening editions are so last century, but staying in the know never goes out of style. In the world of 24-7 news cycles and constantly updating statuses, we need to know what’s happening as it goes down. Publishing fresh website content is critical to keeping followers engaged, and bringing traffic to your website.

Blogging is a way to build your brand’s voice. Fresh content establishes you as an authority in the industry, building trust with readers. Blog posts are also opportunities to portray your priorities and values, and share a sense of personality.

What should you blog about? You can write about how-tos, your “why”, the behind-the-scenes of the workplace, your employees and their achievements, case studies for clients, or what you’re doing to make the world a better place. All this helps folks understand your brand more deeply, and builds brand loyalty.

It doesn’t hurt to add a bunch of search terms in, too. You want to answer people’s most asked questions. As people search for what they’re interested in, stumble upon a blog post, and find that business’ website, organic traffic increases. Researching and tagging blog posts with keywords important to a business’s target audience increase traffic to the site, driving web page ranking.

Since Google searches tell us pretty much everything we need to know — what did our grandparents do when they needed to know how to fix a leaky sink or how many RBIs Jeter hit in his final season in the Bronx? — it’s the most commonly used search engine. And Google increases the rank of websites that are frequently updated.

A much simpler argument for the importance of frequent blog posts, and certainly one we can all understand, is providing information to readers and giving them a reason to patronize your business.

You’ll want to explain why your company is the one to choose, and what makes you stand out in a crowded workplace. What makes you specifically a good fit for the person searching for answers?

Earned media, free advertising, and sales work all in one little blog post? Now that is front-page worthy.

Did you know you can just give us your bullet points and we’ll write it for you?

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Cam Cardinale

Cam is a South Glens Falls native with a deep passion for the Glens Falls Region. He keeps all of Advokate’s operations running smoothly – overseeing projects, meeting with clients, managing the team, and more. He helps our clients create content that engages, creates a sense of community, and helps to drive traffic to their website to increase sales, awareness, donations, and more. He enjoys spending time downtown with friends and family – and his German Shepherd dog, Hudson. He serves on the Board of Directors for Nearcare, the Marketing and Fundraiser committee for the Charles R. Wood Theater, and the World Awareness Children Museum Events committee. He is the current president of Lower Adirondack Pride.