Meet our Intern, Gianna!

Meet our Intern, Gianna!

Advokate has three spring interns. We asked them to write a bit about themselves and their time at Advokate. Here’s a bit about Gianna!

“Hi I am Gianna Endieveri, I am a senior at Glens Falls High School. I love the opportunities Advokate offers for marketing, web design and making connections in general! As I am about to go into college I plan to use the skills Advokate has taught me to thrive and find my career path. I am grateful to be here with Advokate surrounded by a great team who is helping me learn and grow!

Since being here I have done several projects and activities, a few of my favorites include, being a part of the photoshoots and meetings for OmaOmaOma and learning how to create logos and websites.”

Jess Ryle

Jess Ryle is Advokate's Marketing and Communications Director. When she's not in the office, you can probably find her on a trail somewhere, running, checking out wildflowers and animal tracks, and taking a ton of photos. Jess lives in Glens Falls with her partner, Andrew, and their two cat sons, Ferdinand and Henry.