Life as an Advokate Intern

Three weeks ago I never thought I’d have the opportunity to get my foot in the graphic/web design and marketing door.

Being a Business Administration major gives me great skills for when I one day hope to start my own business, but the major itself fails to give any credit to all the things I have taught myself and learned aside from schooling when it comes to web design and marketing. It became clear to me that I could not give up no matter how many companies couldn’t allow me to be an intern without a portfolio, for if I did I would never get to where I wanted to be.

I am full time student, a part time worker, and a 24/7 personal blogger. I manage almost five personal blogs at a time ranging from music, to fashion, to my own personal travels. It’s stressful at times, especially whenever writers block hits me, but my passion to share my thoughts and to connect with others and share ideas on different topics, rules out the frustration every time.

Advokate gave me the chance I never thought I would be given. Coming in with no portfolio and only personal experience was definitely a risk. I am so grateful to have had Kate see something in me, and take the risk for hiring me as an intern. Over these past few weeks I have learned more things that I thought I ever would. From information on owning a business to designing logos and posters, even sitting in on client meetings. Not to forget Advokate’s Ribbon Cutting is October 4th, and I will be present, meeting and networking as much as possible- which is another great thing, because there’s nothing more I love than meeting new people. Every single detail is not only giving me on the job experience but preparing me for what may come my way next.

As I previously mentioned, it has only been three weeks and I don’t plan on stopping now. Thank you so much Kate (Owner/founder of Advokate) for giving me this opportunity. I enjoy working for Advokate so much and look forward to everything coming up in the near future.


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Kate Austin-Avon

Kate E. Austin is known for her creative advocacy. She is a regular speaker on branding and social media with educational institutions and Chambers of Commerce. She owns and operates Advokate, LLC. Currently she serves on the boards of the Glens Falls Business Improvement District, is on the World Awareness Children’s Museum’s Advisory Council, and is involved in the Jackson Heights PTA. Originally from Killington, Vermont, she studied art at Hartwick College and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Art from Empire State College. She is a mother of three.