Call to vendors: Crafters, artists, antiquers…

Call to vendors: Crafters, artists, antiquers…

One of Advokate’s customers, the Lake George Forum, is planning a multi-weekend indoor sale on select weekends in April and May, with a particular focus on artists and artisans on Saturday, May 28, Sunday, May 29, and Monday, May 30.

It’s a first-year event, but they’re doing a great job publicizing it (with a little help from yours truly – but also taking out some good ads) and you can’t beat these rates: It’s just $30 per weekend for a 10′ x 10′ floor space. Nonprofits get a 10% discount, and there’s also a 10% discount if you sign up for all six weekends. You can tack on nominal fees if you need to rent a table or chair or would like a booth with electricity, etc. This is just the start of some really exciting developments at the Forum! Stay tuned.

Forms are on the website,, or you can call 668-2200 to reserve your space.

Here’s the ad that ran in the Chronicle with all the dates and info:


Kate Austin-Avon

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