Call to artists! Power of Music art show

Call to artists! Power of Music art show

In perhaps the greatest pairing since PB & J, Advokate’s client Adirondack Audio & Video announces a call to artists for a music-themed art show.powerlogo3-278x300

Art. Music. It just goes.

And what better market for music-themed artwork than music lovers themselves? Adirondack Audio and Video knows music lovers. Don’t deny it. You want in on this.

The deadline for entries is Saturday, June 11.

So, dear artist friends, put on your favorite tunes and get cracking!

All the details are here.

Kate Austin-Avon

Kate Austin-Avon is the owner and founder of Advokate, LLC. She lives in Glens Falls, New York, with her husband Cory (Vice President of Advokate!) and their three children.