Announcing Advokate hosting: Domain names, hosting and more

Announcing Advokate hosting: Domain names, hosting and more

Due to randomly being sweet-talked into it (I called for something else) by a charming customer service representative named Eric who was my super best phone friend for an hour and eleven minutes, Advokate now is set up to offer hosting, domain name registration and transfers, email hosting and more.

I’m a reseller, which means I get a super price on this stuff and can pass along some sweet deals. I had no idea you could find hosting this cheap – no hype, it’s actually quite a bit lower than what I consider standard prices: .com registration for $9.99 per year (that number seems par for the course) and economy hosting for $4.19/month (whaaat!).

I’m kind of excited about having my own hosting, and kind of nervous about hawking something I don’t completely understand, but I do have complete faith in the customer service, which is apparently populated by adorable boys who whisk you masterfully around the internet and shower you with compliments. Admittedly, one of the times I called and got a sourpuss. Still helpful, but not as fun to talk to. But three out of the four times I’ve called in myself these past two weeks, I’ve definitely stayed on the line perhaps a little longer than I should have, reliving those middle school days of talking on the phone with boys foreverrr. Actually, scratch that. In middle school we just passed notes. Talking on the phone came later – and IMing took up equal amounts of time.

Anyhoo, I’m psyched to try this puppy out. Anyone need hosting? Check it out at And don’t be afraid to call these honeys for support.

Kate Austin-Avon

Kate E. Austin is known for her creative advocacy. She is a regular speaker on branding and social media with educational institutions and Chambers of Commerce. She owns and operates Advokate, LLC. Currently she serves on the boards of the Glens Falls Business Improvement District, the Jackson Heights Elementary School PTA, Lower Adirondack Pride, and is on the World Awareness Children’s Museum’s Advisory Council. Originally from Killington, Vermont, she studied art at Hartwick College and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Art from Empire State College. She is a mother of three.