Announcement! Baby Austin-Avon is born!

Hello! This is Cory, Kate Austin-Avon’s husband.
We are writing to let you know that our second child, Daniel Robert Kenneth Austin-Avon, was just born on November 10!
This means that Advokate is taking two weeks off while we tend to our new little guy. We will be keeping an eye on our email and will respond quickly to texts sent to (518) 353-2121, so if something comes up that’s urgent, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line and we’ll take good care of you.
I will be replying to Advokate emails sent to and We will be back to business as usual starting on November 30th, and while Kate will be on maternity leave until the first of the year, she will be behind the scenes advising us, so please continue to contact us for anything you may need!
My direct line is (518) 303-6313, but you can always call and leave a message on the Advokate line, (518) 353-2121, as well. We’ll reply to your message as soon as we can.
We have an excellent team we’re working with, and we’ll be happy to help you out with all of your web design, graphic design, marketing, PR and more.
Best, Cory, Kate, Henry and Daniel Austin-Avon
Kate Austin-Avon

Kate Austin-Avon is the owner and founder of Advokate, LLC. She lives in Glens Falls, New York, with her husband Cory (Vice President of Advokate!) and their three children.