Vote Matt. Vote for Progress.

Are you voting tomorrow? Please consider voting for Matt Funiciello.

Advokate was happy to donate web design to the campaign for Matt Funiciello For Congress. (View the site here.) Matt was one of my very first clients when I opened the business. He’s supported me in all my efforts, and gives every time I hit him up for a donation.

I’ve actually formed a lot of my life philosophies around conversations I’ve had with the guy; from food ethics to politics to which companies I choose to support with my money.

I agree with so many more of his stances than any other person who’s every run for office, and I respect that he’s thought it all through and is more knowledgeable on these issues than I ever will be.

I have always felt that he’s looking out for me, and for the greater good. He’s generous, smart, and philanthropic.

It’s exciting and refreshing to have a chance to vote for somebody I truly believe in. Out of all the people, local and national celebrities that I can think of, never mind just the people running for office, I think that Matt is truly the best choice to represent us here in NY-21 and shake things up.

I’m proud to call him a client, a friend, all-around nice guy, and the only candidate for me.

Please vote. Please vote for Matt.