Advokate For Your Business

This well-attended series of workshops for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-to-be is morphing into something new! Bear with us while we plan, and we’ll let you know when we are ready to launch the new series of workshops.

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“Advokate Workshops are well thought out. They give you the step by step instructions to increase your marketing strategy for your individual business. Whether you want to keep it simple or find the nooks and crannies towards more advanced marketing skills, Advokate helps you discover your exact formula for noticeable advertising success.”  – Kathy Porcell, Elevation Pilates

“Kate is a true inspiration. Her workshops are both educational and supportive. It is great to be in room full of energetic business owners who understand and support each other. Every time I leave, I have a dozen of new ideas on what and where I would like to go with my business!” – Lisa Ciniglia, Light Touch Therapeutics