Senator Chuck Schumer visits Glens Falls

Senator Chuck Schumer smiling with a group of people

Senator Chuck Schumer visits Glens Falls

Senator Chuck Schumer visited Glens Falls on Thursday, April 21, 2022, to deliver over 2 million dollars to local projects in the Adirondack Region. The funding included:

  • Restoring Glens Falls Historic City Hall.
  • Protecting Fort Ticonderoga.
  • Developing the Fort Edward Industrial Park.
  • Boosting child care in the region. 

The provided federal money will boost regional tourism attractions, support job growth, and upgrade critical infrastructure. 

Here is a breakdown of the $2 million investment in the Adirondack region: 

  • $439,000 for the City of Glens Falls to Restore Its Historic City Hall: The $430,000 that Senator Schumer secured for the City of Glens Falls will assist in making substantial structural renovations and energy upgrades to the historic City Hall. The City of Glens Falls will replace its gas-fired boiler heating system with a high-efficiency heat pump and heat recovery system. By doing this, the building with be “Net-Zero” and more eco-friendly. 
  • $950,000 to Upgrade The Former General Electric De-Watering Facility in Fort Edward Into The Canalside Energy Park: The $950,000 will be used by the Warren/Washington Counties Industrial Development Agency to develop the former GE De-Watering Facility in Fort Edward into the Canalside Energy Park. The funding will replace the temporary bridge at the entrance to the park, complete wastewater construction, upgrade the existing potable water, and more. 
  • $205,000 for Warren County Employment & Training Administration: The funding will recruit, train, and open more child care businesses. The funding covers the training and state licensing and the start-up costs for the childcare business. 
  • $500,000 to Restore Fort Ticonderoga’s iconic and historic walls: The $500,000 secured for Fort Ticonderoga will be used to restore and rehabilitate the Fort. The Fort was built almost 250 years ago, and the exterior walls have deteriorated due to age and weather.








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